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New factory, new success for you

In 2003 Millennium Metal & Plastic started producing stainless steel kitchen utensils and gadgets. Ever since we have been delighting buyers seeking houseware manufacturing excellence and innovation. 



Your search for an innovative, reliable competitive houseware supplier is over

Over the years, our ability to bring success to our customers opened more and more opportunities. In 2005 we moved into a bright new factory with greatly expanded capacity and capabilities. Today Millennium is a growing force in the mid to high quality kitchenware, houseware, barware and tableware sector.

Integrated kitchenware design and manufacturing

You'll find us totally competitive. We can afford to be so because we have complete control over every aspect of production. End-to-end design and production is rare in our business - but so helpful - especially with buyers sourcing OEM products made from different materials.

You'll love our ideas about quality

We didn't build our business by selling second rate products. When it comes to understanding quality, we really get it. Especially in kitchenware, houseware, barware and tableware in stainless steel/metal, silicone/plastic, glass, ceramic/porcelain and wood. Naturally we are certified ISO 9001-2000/2008, GMC 2009, SA 8000-2001/2008. Want an idea of our commitment to customer service and your profitability? Contact Millennium now and enter our world of irresistible ODM and on-time, within budget OEM.